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Life is like riding a Bicycle, to keep your Balance you must keep 

MOVING " Albert Einstein"

Dr Susan Thomas


 Dr Susan Thomas, the  founder of Balanced Gait Physical Therapy has been a Physical Therapist for almost 20 years. She graduated from SUNY  Stony Brook with a Bachelors in Physical Therapy in 2000 and Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2013. Her passion is to work with clients with Neurological  deficits particularly Parkinson's disease. In addition she also has extensive experience in the  rehabilitation of other neurological diagnosis  including  but not limited to stroke, MS, GBS to name a few. 

She is a certified LSVT BIG  and a Certified  PWR clinician. In addition to 1:1 Physical Therapy services Susan also offers a wellness program for clients with PD called Rock Steady Boxing in  her clinic. She is also certified in Urban poling and  Brain Health Training. She continues to educate herself in cutting edge evidence based treatment techniques to help her clients improve their quality of life and the therapy sessions are formulated on individual client goals.

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